Foreword to Spaceflight
ISBN 9781989044025 - 154 PAGES

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Foreword to Spaceflight
by Michael L. Ciancone

Foreword to Spaceflight provides a long-anticipated update to Michael L. Ciancone’s acclaimed book The Literary Legacy of the Space Age. This update offers a unique resource for book collectors and historians alike through hundreds of annotated entries that identify books published before “Sputnik” on what the author refers to as “speculative non-fiction” related to the use of rockets for spaceflight. It contains entries for titles published in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Russian. Most notable in this edition is the inclusion of colorful images of the covers of many of the entries. In addition, the author (along with Prof. Asif Siddiqi, the world’s foremost authority on Soviet spaceflight history) has provided a unique Annex of Russian titles published in the former USSR.

Includes hundreds of colour photographs of rare early books on astronautics.

“It is a privilege for me to endorse this new edition of Ciancone’s bibliography of early books on “real” spaceflight. Of particular interest are the Annex of early Russian publications and the cover images of many publications, which provide a visual “feel” for the era. Despite today’s use of the internet, you will not find anything else like this compilation. When I started my research into rocket history, this bibliography was very useful to me and it will be useful to others too, today and in the future. We now have an updated bibliography of early rocketry and spaceflight, which will open “old” space to a new generation.” - Karlheinz Rohrwild, Director, Hermann-Oberth-Raumfahrt-Museum, Feucht, Germany

“The history of astronautics has been etched in the writings of many authors over several decades, each contributing to levels of contemporary knowledge or placing in relevant context the works of others. But where to find these jewels of historical reflection, recorded in the decades before the dawn of the Space Age? Michael Ciancone has provided an indispensable bibliography that fills that need, one which will be eagerly sought by collectors, historians, teachers and scholars, a work of studious compilation. Absolutely essential for anyone interested in the prehistory of humankind’s greatest endeavor.” - David Baker, Editor, “SpaceFlight“ and Chair, Publications, Committee British Interplanetary Society London, England “Like its first edition, this revision of The Literary Legacy of the Space Age is a gem. It presents a wealth of information about writings on astronautics prior to 1958, serving both as a compelling introduction to the subject and a checklist for collectors. It is indispensable!” - Roger D. Launius, Ph.D, Launius Historical Services, Auburn, Alabama, USA

“The Literary Legacy Of The Space Age by Michael L. Ciancone is the most current, most comprehensive and most useful bibliography of nonfiction monographs documenting high altitude rocket research and flight into space published before 1958. The scope of this updated second edition is substantially expanded with the addition of an extensive list of nonfiction works on rocketry and space travel in Russian through 1957 compiled by Prof. Asif Siddiqi, with contributions by Ciancone. Additionally, the new edition includes pictures of covers and dust jackets of many of the works described, which provides a wonderful iconography of early space art. For early publications on rocketry and spaceflight, this book is the Brockett for the space age.” - L. W. Currey, ABAA/ILAB, Antiquarian Bookseller, Elizabethtown, New York, USA

“The author’s decades long commitment and devotion to this project provides us with a comprehensive historical record and visual feast for any and all who are interested in the history of rocketry and space travel. I have little doubt that electronic iterations of this valuable work will find honored places in the first off-Earth libraries in our Moon and Mars settlements. Our inspirational heroes and dear friends Frederick C. Durant, III (FCDIII) and Frederick I. Ordway, III (FIOIII) would surely be proud of Mr. Ciancone’s unselfish effort.” - Randy Liebermann, Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. and International Academy of Astronautics, Paris, France

“Michael Ciancone’s latest Bibliography is an invaluable reference tool in several ways for all interested in the early history of spaceflight and rocketry. On the bibliographic side, it is certainly a wonderful and easy-to use check-list of such sources and the Addendum of Russian Publications is especially unique and unparalleled. Overall, the book is also a visual treat in capturing part of the “feel” of exactly how these topics were conveyed to the public during those truly pioneering years.” - Frank Winter, Retired Museum Curator, USA

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