ENERGY- Modern Life, Climate Change and Oil Production
ISBN 9781926837437


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ENERGY - Modern Life, Climate Change and Oil Production
by Dr. Robert L. Hirsch

In a sequel to his book "The Impending World Energy Mess", Dr Robert Hirsch, one of the world's leading experts on energy production revisits the most pressing subject of our times, the tug of war between world oil production and climate change.

In language easily understandable by the intelligent layman, Dr Hirsch dispels many of the myths from both sides of this contentious problem.

If we are ever going to come to grips with the world's energy problems we need to stay in touch with the reality on the ground. In his latest book, ENERGY, Dr Robert Hirsch, who has been both an oil exploration research scientist and a nuclear engineer gives the hard facts that everyone needs to know.

Is this book for you?

Yes, if you're interested in important energy realities, many of which will impact you.

Yes, if you're interested in learning about the essential products derived from oil and gas (think beyond gasoline to pharmaceuticals).

Yes, if you want to understand the dangers associated with many on-going political decisions, independent of political party.

Yes, if you want to understand the benefits and shortcomings of various energy technologies - Hint: None are perfect.

Yes, if you're interested in solutions to current and future problems.

No, if you believe the current approach to energy is satisfactory.

No, if you believe that the U.S. must decarbonize, independent of China and India.

No, if you want to ignore the experience of others in decarbonization.

No, if you're not interested in lurking world oil supply issues.

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