The Beatles 50 Most Memorable Moments ISBN 9781926837291


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The Beatles 50 Most Memorable Moments

by Casey Piotrowski

The Beatles’ story is well-known to their fans around the world, but it’s never been told as it is in “The Beatles 50 Most Memorable Moments”. In this book, author Casey Piotrowski collects the 50 most essential events that shaped the band’s legacy. From the grandest to the goofiest—group and solo. He then arranges them in their order of significance to that legacy and counts them down...from 50 to 1. What was more important...”Please Please Me” or “Strawberry Fields Forever”?...”Band On The Run” or “All Things Must Pass”? You’ll wonder, reconsider and rearrange them yourself...and probably compile your own list of what you think is missing...but that is the charm of “The Beatles 50 Most Memorable Moments”. To be sure, a one-of-a-kind look at this one-of-a-kind band.

‘Most Memorable’ indeed.

Author and radio personality Casey Piotrowski has hosted the US nationally syndicated radio series “The Beatles Show” for more than a decade.

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