A Shot of Poison
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A Shot of Poison
Christopher Long

A Shot of Poison is a fascinating and unique behind the scenes account of life on the road, backstage and in the studio over the last twenty years with the outrageous, multi-platinum rock band Poison, based on the amazing personal experiences and encounters of author, journalist and rock insider Christopher Long. Poison, the self-proclaimed "Glam Slam Kings of Noise" exemplified '80s rock and roll like no other band. From author Christopher Long’s personal behind-the-scenes recollections of band infighting on tour and drug use, to firsthand accounts of private recording sessions, A Shot of Poison will reveal a side of the multi-platinum act that will shock and intrigue even their most faithful fans. The power plays between band members, jealousies among band members and ego trips are pitfalls of most successful rock bands. Poison is no exception. A Shot of Poison uncovers these very private issues:

*Bret Michaels’ reclusive "Howard Hughes-like" behavior -- monitoring every backstage activity from inside the window of his tour bus lounge and the bitter and often vicious rivalry between Michaels and bassist Bobby Dall.

*Ongoing intra-band squabbling, backstabbing and constant competition for the spotlight, notoriety and women. The possessive, psychotic and delusional fans who follow Poison from town to town, stalking specific band members. The day-to-day experience of life on the road as part of a big-time tour -- from the pressure and anxieties of being a crew member to the pampered existence of a band member.

*Inside dish on drummer Rikki Rockett’s highly publicized 2008 arrest on rape charges and the ultimate dismissal of those charges taken from an exclusive interview with Rockett himself.

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