Saturn V/Apollo Lunar Orbit Rendezvous & Lunar Module Familiarization Guide ISBN 9781926592114 & 9781926592107


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Saturn V/Apollo Lunar Orbit Rendezvous & Lunar Module Familiarization Guide
Including Two Unique Apollo 11 Anniversary DVDs.
Edited by Robert Godwin

40 Years ago the United States National Aeronautics and Space Agency successfully sent two men to the surface of the moon and returned them safely to Earth. That event continues to surprise and amaze every generation of people around the world but the details of that magnificent accomplishment are still only now becoming available to the general public. Apogee Books has been a front-runner in the field of bringing that information to the general space enthusiast. Now to commemorate that achievement we are proud to continue with our long line of books and films with this two volume set of rare documents, each with its own DVD.

Saturn V/Apollo Lunar Orbit Rendezvous is a reprint of a rare document from the early 1960s in which the whole Apollo moon landing mission was presented and illustrated. The book includes a large fold-out of the Apollo mission as well as a fold-out of the Saturn V moon rocket. Written as the Apollo architecture was still evolving it includes illustrations of early iterations of the Lunar Module, maps of the Cape Canaveral launch sites, launch schedules for all of the Apollo test flights, detailed specifications and schematics of the Saturn V launch vehicle stages, construction schedules, engine summaries, information on the VAB, mobile crawlers, Umbilical towers, and more. The second book, Lunar Module Familiarization Guide is a combination of several documents which include detailed diagrams of the interior of the final flight model of the Lunar Module, the instrumentation, a fold-out of the instrument panels, maps and plan views of the vehicle, diagrams of the main onboard systems and more.

Including with these two rare books are two unique new DVDs which compliment other DVD releases from Apogee Books. The first DVD is a 100 minute compilation of live television footage of the launch of Apollo 11. A unique soundtrack has been added to the last hour of the film using the audio broadcast which was sent around the world to over 35 countries by the US government-run Voice of America radio network. This audio was never broadcast in the United States due to legal restrictions. Added to this is a state of the art animation showing the mission all the way to S-IVB shutdown and Earth orbit insertion. This animation has been recreated to show almost exactly what the television viewers saw on the three main networks on the morning of July 16th 1969. Rare clips of celebrities and political leaders have been integrated into the film.

The second DVD consists of three completely uncut interviews with the crew of Apollo 11. These interviews were conducted while the crew were at NASA headquarters just days before departing for the moon. The audio and film of these interviews have never been combined together or aired uncut. The audio from these interviews was provided by the interviewer who had stored the tapes for 40 years. Apogee Books combined them with pristine first generation prints of the NASA footage shot the same day to create these unique historical documents. Now is your chance to see and hear the crew tell about their upcoming historic mission in their own words.

The following images are screen captures from the two DVDs:

Neil Armstrong being Interviewed in 1969

Michael Collins being Interviewed in 1969

Buzz Aldrin being Interviewed in 1969

The Apollo 11 crew entering the transfer van, July 16th 1969

The Apollo 11 crew entering the White Room, July 16th 1969

President Johnson, Mrs Johnson and Tom Stafford, July 16th 1969

Rocket pioneers Hermann Oberth and Rudolf Nebel, July 16th 1969

Launch of Apollo 11, July 16th 1969

Animation of the Saturn II

Animation reproduction of the events of July 16th 1969

Animation of S-IVB ignition and staging, July 16th 1969

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