A Shot of Poison - 10th Anniversary Director's Cut
ISBN 9781897350607


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A Shot of Poison - 10th Anniversary Director's Cut
Christopher Long

A Shot of Poison is a virtual backstage pass into the behind-the-scenes world of the self-proclaimed "Glam Slam Kings of Noise" Poison, based on the personal encounters of author Christopher Long.

An unauthorized account, A Shot of Poison chronicles Long's exploits with the members of this multi platinum-selling group and is chock-full of insightful anecdotes and insider tales.

From Long's early recollections of being introduced to the band in the late 1980s to his first-hand experiences while touring as bassist Bobby Dall's personal assistant in the 2000s, A Shot of Poison offers lively, never-before published stories and photos.

Through the pages of A Shot of Poison, readers will become a "fly on the wall," gaining a unique glimpse into the heart-stopping highs and heart-breaking lows of this iconic combo.

A sparkling upgrade of the original 2010 edition, this 2020 "Anniversary" reboot delivers fresh "Director's Cut" commentary and new photos, as well as updated experiences reflecting Long's continued Poison connection. Also included are many of Long's related features that have appeared in various international entertainment news publications.

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