A Honeymoon in Space
ISBN-13: 9781897350300


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A Honeymoon in Space
by George Griffith with Introduction by Robert Godwin

Originally written at the turn of the 20th century, this classic story imagines a solar system full of alien life and adventure. A young American woman marries an English Lord and finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime, touring outer space on her honeymoon. Through a series of amazing encounters, they visit the gentle Bird-Folk of Venus, the horrifying monsters of Jupiter, and the fleets of aerial battleships belonging to the evil Martian warlords. Featuring the first publicationís original illustrations, this is a landmark novel in the genre of science fiction.

George Griffith was a seaman, a teacher, and a journalist. He contributed to Pearson's Magazine and was the author of The Angel of the Revolution, The Mummy and Miss Nicotris, Olga Romanoff, Outlaws of the Air, The Romance of Golden Star, and The World Peril of 1910.

Robert Godwin is the space curator at the Canadian Air and Space Museum and an advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation. He is the author of Apollo 11, The Illustrated Collectorís Guide to Led Zeppelin, and The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

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