Masters of SF - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame
ISBN 9781897350287


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Masters of SF - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame
W. Fraser Sandercombe

This is the most complete bibliography and filmography of the members of The Science Fiction Hall of Fame ever compiled. Each of the Hall of Fame's members is featured with a complete listing of their works. The Hall of Fame includes authors, artists, editors and filmmakers. These are the best of the genre, and their visions have changed the world..

Some people just don't need first names...

Campbell, Gernsback, van Vogt, Williamson, Asimov, Clarke, Wells, Heinlein, Bradbury, Verne, Le Guin, Moorcock, Burroughs, Aldiss, Shelley, Harryhausen, Spielberg, Lucas, Roddenberry, Serling, Trumbull, and Zelazny.

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