Around the World in 65 Days
ISBN-13: 9781897350270


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Around the World in 65 Days - From Jules Verne to Tranquility Base
by George Griffith with a Foreword by Robert Godwin

From 1893-1895 George Griffith was the most famous science ficton writer in England. His books entranced the readers of the 19th century with tales of Martians, submarines, immortality, rogue comets and even spaceships whizzing around the solar system. He invented the Countdown in 1897 and his son would become the co-inventor of the jet engine. Griffith's name became synonymous with high adventure and so in the Spring of 1894 he was recruited to follow in the mythical footsteps of Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg. In just 65 days Griffith traveled through 24 time zones and established a new world record. Now for the first time in over 100 years his story can be retold along with a lengthy biography of his many literary achievements by noted space writer and editor, Robert Godwin.

Also included in this edition is a foreword by George Griffith's Grandson, John Griffith.

"George Griffith was one of the great 19th century sf writers, in an age before the term existed. His aerial anarchists and intrepid heroes were an inspiration to me as a boy. With H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, he was a great innovator and deserves a whole new modern audience. Congratulations to the publisher for bringing his work back to today's public." - Michael Moorcock

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