The Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper ISBN 9781894959933


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The Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper
New 10th Anniversary Edition
by Dale Sherman

Readers will get a strong understanding of Alice's career: how it started, why and when the band brought up in the 1970s, what happened to him after a burst of fame that saw him nearly disappear in the early 1980s, how he made his comeback and how he has managed to remain on top after forty years in the business.

The book also covers a lot of material that fans can find in the marketplace and gives them indicators to use to make sure as to what should be included in such merchandise, when they were released, and the importance of several of the items involved.

The Collector's Guide includes recordings, tours, film and television appearances, and books and comics. A guideline to worthwhile purchases is included throughout. There is also background information provided throughout to reflect each stage of Alice Cooper's career.

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