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Eclectic Gypsy
The Unauthorised Biography of Doctor Who
by Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson, author of best-selling biographies of Kurt Cobain, John Travolta, David Bowie and many more, turns his attention now to the longest life of them all, Doctor Who.

Packed with crucial revelation and candid insight, Eclectic Gypsy is the first book ever to examine this remarkable life as it has unfolded through the pages of the media, not only on Planet Earth, but across the universe.

Drawing upon historical documentation, newspaper and magazine articles, hundreds of hours of interview tape and, of course, a vast corpus of television, audio and written material, Eclectic Gypsy traces the legendary Doctor from his birth on the planet Gallifrey over 700 years ago, through ten regenerations and countless adventures in time and space.

From his epic encounters with such alien races as the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Slitheen, through the string of companions that have accompanied the Doctor on his perilous journey, and onto the world of Gallifrey itself, Eclectic Gypsy explores the life and times of the Doctor, as seen through the eyes of the inter-galactic news corps.

From the driest academic journal to the most sensationalist tabloid, it reveals the truth behind the being that fans across the cosmos know simply as "the Doctor" - and asks whether they really know him at all?

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