20th Century Rock and Roll: Women in Rock
ISBN 9781896522296

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Women In Rock
By Dale Sherman
Rock and Roll is man's game. Well...not entirely. In fact, over the last half century some of the biggest men in Rock have been women!

Male rockers have pretty much become a dime a dozen, but the Women in Rock, not nearly as numerous, have given and continue to give Rock some of its very best music.

The true roots of Rock and Roll are in rebellion, and women have at least as much to rebel against as the rest of the warm blooded world. Some women rockers rebel loud and raw, while others are subtle but every bit as passionate and these women are as independent, and as different from each other as they are from any mere male performer.

This book is a look at 50 women rockers who have helped to shape, in one form or another, the entire world of rock music — not just the little corner usually relegated to women in rock.

From the magnificent days of Darlene Love and Lavern Baker, to the innovative styles of Debbie Harry and Joni Mitchell, right through to the antics of Madonna and Wendy O. Williams at the end of the century, they're all here— 50 of rock's best. As well, there's the girl groups, the all-female bands (that've had hit after hit), and the

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