20th Century Rock and Roll: Progressive Rock ISBN 9781896522203

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Progressive Rock
By Jerry Lucky
For progressive rock aficionados and all lovers of classical rock music, this book highlights the 50 most influential and important progressive rock bands, past and present, from around the world.
Exploring the artists and their music, from its origins to current progressive music, the history and discography are presented in knowledgeable detail.
Veteran author Jerry Lucky shares with us his vast experience in the Progressive Rock world detailing the development of Prog by looking closely at the players as well as their music.
Progressive rock music combines and transcends the various music genres to a greater extent than possibly any other type of music. This book will take you straight to the very best that Prog has to offer and make you comfortable with its roots and where it's going next.
This book is a "must have" for lovers of Progressive Music everywhere.

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