20th Century Rock and Roll: Psychedelia ISBN 9781896522408

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By Belmo

The Psychedelic 60's - it was an era of musical innovation that introduced the styles which influenced Rock and Roll music for the next quarter century.
Every bit as exciting as the music, were the people who made it - dynamic, expressive, socially conscious and talented - artists who injected human passions into their music unlike any others before them in the 20th century.
This book chronicles the 50 most influential artists of Psychedelia and their music, complete with pictures, stories, biographies and discographies. Also included are lists of the top Psychedelic songs and albums of all time, and genre collectibles.
You'll find the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Doors, Moby Grape, Cream, Iron Butterfly, and many more between these covers.
If you lived through the 60's, then you'll remember this music. If you're alive today, buy the book - it'll bring back great memories and as you read the song titles and start humming to yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised to realize how many of these great tunes you can still hear being played today.

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