20th Century Rock and Roll: Alternative Rock
ISBN 9781896522197

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Alternative Rock
by Alan Cross
Music That Mattered - Alt-Rock's All Time Top25

Every revolution has its leaders, conspirators and unsung heroes.
Since the mid-1960's, the world of Rock and Roll has been pushed to the edge by a procession of freaks, geeks and assorted musical geniuses.
Some were instant successes, others were ignored and under appreciated for years. For the first time, all their stories have been collected in one place.
Based on Alan Cross' "Music That Mattered" project on the long-running radio documentary series, The Ongoing History Of New Music(heard on EDGE 102/Toronto), the book features the history of new rock's Top 25 performers. It includes biographies, fascinating trivia, reading lists, recommended websites, discographies and more.
If you want to know where today's music came from, start here.

If there ever was a single, complete, no-holds barred guide to the Alternative Music world, this is it.

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