Ted Spitzmiller

Author of: Astronautics Part 1

Author of: Astronautics Part 2
           Ted Spitzmiller began his professional career in the military at the Army's Ordinance Guided Missile School in Huntsville, Alabama. He went on to nuclear weapons training at Sandia Base in New Mexico, where he taught for two years in the Atomic Weapons Training Group. He has worked for IBM, INTEL, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory from which he retired in 2001. Paralleling his profession in computing (he has an MS in Computing Information Systems), Ted has always maintained an intense interest in aeronautics and astronautics as a historian. He holds an FAA commercial pilot certificate for Airplanes, Single and Multi-engine land and sea, with Instrument privileges. Ted is a Flight Instructor (CFII) who has logged over 4,000 hours in more than 60 different types of aircraft. Combining his skills in writing with his knowledge of aerospace, he has had more than 40 articles published in major aviation magazines over the past 25 years.

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