Laura Woodmansee

Author of: Women Astronauts -and- Women of Space -and- Sex in Space

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Sex in Space is my latest book,” explains Laura. “It balances the giggle factor with the more serious scientific questions that arise when we think about the possibilities of sex and reproduction in space. The book covers everything that you think it does. And a lot more!”

Science Journalist Laura S. Woodmansee is the Author of three Apogee space books, owner of Space Goodies LLC/Space Girl Productions, and a volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.

Laura earned her Master's degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California's (USC) Annenberg School for Journalism.

“Space has been the guiding force in my life,” she says. “It may sound corny, but it's the truth! As a girl, I dreamed of traveling to distant planets and meeting strange aliens. If I can spark that magical excitement about space in another person, then I've achieved a goal that is deeply ingrained in my soul.”

In addition to her upcoming book, “Sex in Space,” (Apogee, Summer 2006) Laura is the author of the books, "Women Astronauts" (2002), and “Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier" (2003). She has also written many articles about space exploration and related topics for various media. “I have a love for space films,” she explains, “and have formed Space Goodies LLC/Space Girl Productions in order to create cool films, spacey T-shirts, and spark more interest in space and our beautiful universe!”


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