Agnes Kruchio  

Agnes Kruchio holds a Master of Arts degree (MA) in history from York University and a Master's degree in Information Studies (MISt) from the University of Toronto. A technical writer, professional editor, and information specialist she interviewed many of the space pioneers in this history through graduate studies in history and political science and research projects sponsored by the National Research Council of Canada at York's Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science. She has written about Canada's space research for the Globe and Mail and for the CBC's Ideas. She curated a major exhibition on the history of Canadian polar and space research: Voyage from the Ends of the Earth into Space, and also Canada in Space, for a meeting of COSPAR. She wrote a history on Canada's contributions to geophysics through Polar Science: The Legacy of Canada's Participation in the International Polar and Geophysical Years. She is a founding editor of MediaTropes, an online academic journal devoted to the exploration of technology and culture.


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