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In What has NASA Done for You? Award-winning writer Frank Sietzen, Jr. traces the origins of nearly a hundred technologies or products in common use today that were created by space technology or used in NASA and military space missions. From artificial ear implants to roadway safety systems, and from breast cancer detection technology to protecting first responders, Sietzen's book shows how the exploration of space has led to improved life on Earth.


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What Has NASA Done For You?

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ISBN 9781926837154

How fuel pumps used in the Space Shuttle evolved to be a part of the latest generation of artificial hearts
How insulation blankets used in rockets now make NASCAR drivers safer
How a hand-held device developed for astronauts is now under test for use in surgery using ultrasound beams instead of a scalpel
How the software created for reconstructing Mars imagery was adapted for early detection of breast cancers
How first responders in Ireland adapted space station technology to better direct emergency vehicles
How research conducted aboard the International Space Station has improved the delivery of drugs to patients
How runway technology created by NASA is now making California highways safer
How developing the food for astronauts in space led to safer frozen and pre-packaged food for the consumer
How the wireless medical harnesses developed for the early Mercury and Gemini flights evolved to wireless monitors used in hospitals for adults and infants
How the Bioreactor used in Space Shuttle flights led to better therapeutic drugs for millions of patients
NASA technology now used in hospitals around the world to diagnose illnesses in patients in seconds that once took 20 minutes or longer
The true story of the origins of communication satellite technology that led to today's cell phones
How early NASA satellites led to today's GPS space navigation systems
How gas leak detectors used in space missions are helping to make the next generation of natural gas powered cars
How the system used today to detect and destroy land mines before they can injure U.S. forces came from the Shuttle program
How the booster separation system in space launches was adapted to help free victims of accidents: the untold story of the Jaws of Life extraction device
How NASA space technology is used in developing the next generation of prosthesis and artificial limbs
How NASA weather satellite technology changed forecasting
How NASA satellite data is helping earthquake victims
How NASA research gave birth to the cochlear implants-restoring hearing to adults and children.

Once derided by critics as giving little real value to the average citizen, Sietzen's book shows once and for all that space exploration and the technology first developed for astronauts and in NASA laboratories have been woven into virtually every facet of daily life, making space technology a vital engine of modern-day living.


Frank Sietzen Jr Frank Sietzen Jr. has been a professional science writer and editor for 23 years, specializing in aerospace technology and space exploration topics. Frank has written about the space program for nearly every medium. He was space technology editor of Space Business News, Editor of Military Space, Editor-in-Chief of Ad Astra magazine, first Washington, DC bureau chief of, and wrote a weekly column on civil space for UPI Science News from 1998 to 2004. "What Has NASA Done for You?" is a book on the practical benefits of space technology, Sietzen is a popular lecturer on technology before business and local groups around the country. He writes for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Advanstar magazines.