What lies in your Future?

        We are intensely interested in opening the High Frontier for future generations. With that in mind it occurred to us that some of the amazing science fiction that appealed to previous generations such as 2001: A Space Odyssey were so popular because people looked and thought "Yes, we can do this if we make the effort!"

       Most modern SciFi is more fantasy with copious helpings of Unobtainium and sword play. (Why do people with high tech weaponry use swords anyway?) So we felt that there was a gap in the market for what we like to term "Science Faction". We hope to present to you a new genre for us of Science Faction, stories that could actually happen in the near future. No warp drive, no phasers, no wormholes or other exotic fantasies. Written by real scientists with imagination and a sense of adventure. (You'll be surprised at who writes science fiction these days.)

       We also recognize as we delve into the historic archives available to us that there are many historic but forgotten science fiction stories that exist in the public domain. Our Edison's Conquest Of Mars is such an example of a classic story that was buried in the sands of time. We hope to present more of these types of stories under our Classic Sci Fi section.

       Apogee Books Science Fiction will be available shortly in North America only as retail items from this web page. This is an exciting new joint venture of Apogee Books with an International Partner. Apogee Science Fiction is available outside of North America from our usual retail outlets

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