Project Apollo DVD

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Project Apollo: The Test Project DVD + Book
This Set comes complete with The Pocket Space Guide "Project Apollo: The Test Program"

       For those interested in the Apollo Test Program a companion DVD has been created from Apogee's extensive film archives. This disc includes extremely rare footage of the Apollo 6 Lunar Test Article during assembly in the VAB, footage of the "missing" Apollo missions "2TV1"
with Joe Engle, Joe Kerwin and Vance Brand, more footage of the "LTA8"
       Lunar Module test mission held in the giant vacuum chambers in Houston with moon walker Jim Irwin and Grumman test pilot Gerry Gibbons. And finally highlights of the Apollo 4 mission, the first launch of a Saturn V. All from low generation NASA film. (All footage is silent).

DVD is NTSC Region 0

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