Apollo 12: "Exploring the Moon"

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Apollo 12: "Exploring The Moon"
2-DVD Plus Book Set Comes complete with the Pocket Space Guide Project Apollo: Exploring the Moon

The real test for the crew of Apollo 12 was not to see if they could get to the moon, but to see if they could get to an exact place on the moon. Their target was in an area known as the Ocean Of Storms. On November 14 1969 the crew of Apollo 12 blasted off to their place in history. Not only would Conrad and Bean become the third and fourth men to walk on the moon but they would land the lunar module Intrepid within 600 feet of their designated target. Waiting for them was the unmanned space probe Surveyor 3 which had soft-landed in April 1967.

This double disc DVD set captures the historic mission and NASA’s ongoing quest for scientific exploration of the moon.

DVD is NTSC Region 0

[The DVD in this set was previously released in the Apollo 12 NASA Mission Reports Volume 2]

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