The Cradle of American Space Exploration
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The Cradle of American Space Exploration

At the end of World War II, the U.S. government transferred Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team of scientists from Germany to America. No one could have imagined that the greatest engineering feat in human history would result. Working together, the Germans and their American counterparts became the Apollo team capable of responding to a presidential challenge issued in 1962 to take mankind to the Moon before the decade's end. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center was the platform and team think thank that produced one of the most awe-inspiring machines ever built, the Saturn V rocket. In 1969, the Apollo/Saturn V team and their miracle of engineering landed two men on the Moon and provided the means of returning the three-man crew safely to Earth. Like the fire and billowing smoke of the mighty Saturn V, the fusion of German, American and Apollo cultures became evidenced in the surrounding economic, academic and social environments. One of the most advanced engineering and scientific communities in the world emerged: Huntsville, Alabama, Rocket City USA. Kenny Mitchell, a retired NASA engineer and consultant, began his career in Huntsville in 1959 as a co-op student at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency located at Redstone Arsenal. He worked his way up the ladder and managed many NASA projects, including establishing the first NASA office in Moscow, Russia as a U.S. diplomat. Mitchell lived the Apollo era first-hand, meticulously documenting his experience while also conducting exhaustive research into the contributions made by the men and women of Marshall Space Flight Center. Complete with untold stories of historical accounts, this book is a valuable resource for the next generation of space explorers whose contributions will continue the legacy. It gives special insight into the origins of the unique character of the city known as "the Cradle of American Space Exploration."

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