A Journey in Other Worlds
ISBN-13: 9781897350577


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A Journey in Other Worlds
by John Jacob Astor with Introduction by Robert Godwin

Reviving a classic tale ahead of its time, this new edition sheds light on one of the most prescient stories in science fiction. A 19th-century novel looking beyond the present day, the narrative centers on the year 2000, when Earth’s corporations are using science to improve the quality of life. In an effort to seek out other planets to house the ever-increasing human population, the crew of the anti-gravity spaceship Callisto embarks on a trip to Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond, encountering wild landscapes, dangerous beasts, and ultimately, the destiny of mankind. Conducting a fascinating tour of outer space, this is an adventure rooted in scientific explanation.

John Jacob Astor was a businessman, inventor, and writer. He originally published A Journey in Other Worlds in 1894.

Robert Godwin is the space curator at the Canadian Air and Space Museum and an advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation. He is the author of Apollo 11, The Illustrated Collector’s Guide to Led Zeppelin, and The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

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