Ralph Nansen

Author of: Energy Crisis: Solution From Space
Ralph Nansen  

Ralph Nansen is the founder and president of Solar Space Industries and was formerly Boeing Solar Power Satellite Program Manager. He is recognized as one of the key leaders in the world to promote, develop and manage the Solar Power Satellite program. He is the author of an advocacy book for the public entitled, SUN POWER: The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis (1995).

Mr. Nansen has been involved in space engineering for over 40 years, primarily with The Boeing Company. He started as a designer on the Bomarc rocket/ramjet-powered missile, and in 1961 was selected to develop the initial configuration used by Boeing in their successful bid to design and build the giant first stage of the Saturn V moon rocket. In 1962 he became design manager of the Saturn S-IC fuel tanks, the first stage of the rocket that sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Mr. Nansenís final assignment on the Saturn program was as Saturn V Cost-Effectiveness Manager. After the moon landing he moved into the position of Design Manager for the Boeing Space Shuttle definition studies.

In 2000 he was asked to testify before the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics on solar power satellites, where he presented a plan to develop the system.



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