Kristopher Engelhardt

Author of: Beatles Undercover

Author of: From Grand Funk to Grace

Author of: Beatles Deeper Undercover
Kristopher Engelhardt  

Kristofer Engelhardt's first public appearance was on January 20, 1952, in Bay City, Michigan, where he still resides. Kris attended both of The Beatles' performances at Olympia Stadium in Detroit in 1966 which inspired him to begin seriously collecting their records. Today he has one of the largest collections of The Beatles records in the world. Kristofer's first book `Beatles Undercover', CG Publishing 1998, was voted one of the top five best books on Rock music that year by Record Collector Magazine. The late George Harrison sent the author a handwritten note saying, "What a book! A massive job." The producer of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band tours says, "It's my guidebook for the All-Starr Band concept." Discoveries Magazine called it, "The definitive look at the Fabs' extracurricular work." Goldmine remarked, "Outstanding - It deserves to be added to the library shelf of every serious fan of the group." Q Magazine in England said, "Tirelessly catalogued and exhaustingly comprehensive - THREE STARS!" Kristofer is considered a leading authority on rock music and The Beatles. Over the last twenty years he has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including CNN's Showbiz Today, PAX's Treasures In Your Home and Fox News (national), to talk about The Beatles. He was the Magical Mr. E" that hosted WMJT FM's weekly series "Breakfast With The Beatles" in the early 1990's. He's been a contributor to such Beatle "fansines" as Good Day Sunshine, and Beatlefan and Paul McCartney's own Club Sandwich. He has also contributed pieces to Goldmine and Discoveries magazine and a variety of newspapers. He's been aregular guest speaker at the authorized "Beatlefest" Conventions in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Kristofer has gained the trust and friendship of some of the world's best known musicians for his accurate and positive writing. In 2000, Kristofer was approached by Mark Farner, the driving force behind the hugely successful early `70s band, Grand Funk Railroad. The result of that collaboration is the controversial new book: `From Grand Funk To Grace (The Authorized Biography Of Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad) CG Publishing 2001. It is already receiving rave reviews and went into a second printing just weeks after it's release.


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