Keith Cowing

Author of: New Moon Rising


Keith Cowing, Webmaster, astrobiologist, journalist, former rocket scientist, and recovering ex-civil servant

Keith Cowing is trained as a biologist (M.A. and B.A. degrees) and has a multidisciplinary background with experience and expertise that ranges from spacecraft payload integration and biomedical peer review to freelance writing and website authoring.

Image: taken in 2003 inside a Space Shuttle simulator used to train astronauts at NASA JSC.

Keith is editor and webmaster of the somewhat notorious NASA Watch , an online publication devoted to the free and uncensored exchange of information on space policy and NASA operations. This website is read regularly within NASA, Congress, and the global space community. Keith is also editor of an online space news and reference resource he runs with his business partner Marc Boucher.

Keith has appeared many times on television and radio including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, NPR, CNN, PBS, CBC, CTV, Discovery Channel Canada, NHK, BBC, Travel Channel, Tech TV and has been quoted in a number of newspapers and magazines ranging from Wired and the Washington Post to the Economist and Pravda, among others.



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